Fountain pen Anello Rose Gold Fine

Fountain pen Anello Rose Gold Fine

The Classic Anello series illustrates show our writing culture can be enriched by some unusual nuances. What makes these writing implements so captivating is the superior materials and the fascinating contrast between them. The multiple segments, separated by fine platinum rings, give this series its name: anello is Italian for ring.


  • Cartridge/ converter system
  • All fountain pens come equipped with a converter
  • Hand-made bicoloured 18-carat gold nib with iridium tip, run in by hand
  • Manufacturing process involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand
  • Available nib widths are M (medium), F (fine), EF (extra fine), B (broad), OM (medium/ leftslent) and OB (broad/ left slent)
  • Please contact your retailer concerning the nib widths OM and OB

Classic Anello

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