Propelling pencils

The slim shape and excellent balance of the propelling pencil mean that they fit comfortably in the hand. Well engineered mechanisms and robust details, such as the spring-loaded clip made of solid metal, ensure that the joy of using them is as timeless as the design. Propelling pencil with tough 0.7-mm lead, reservoir for spare leads, and a replaceable white eraser under the end cap.
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Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Propelling pencil Classic platinum-plated
Propelling pencil Classic platinum-plated
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Propelling Pencil Classic sterlingsilver
Propelling Pencil Classic sterlingsilver
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Propelling pencil Guilloche Rhodium
Propelling pencil Guilloche Rhodium
Graf-von-Faber-Castell - Pocket propelling pencil platinum-plated
Pocket propelling pencil platinum-plated