Pen of the Year 2005


The Essence of Writing

Mysterious inner beauty and utmost practicality may have been the reason for the Samurai to cover their sword handles with stingray leather. Each and every detail of these masterly weapons expresses the desire to liberate the spirit from any deliberate effort.

“To wield a sword, ride a horse, write – do it in such a manner as if you were not wielding a sword, not riding a horse, not writing. Then you accomplish everything without resistance, yet with spirit and ease”, the legendary Samurai Yagyu Munenori said. The stingray fountain pen is perfectly suited for discovering that sense of ease.


The Southeast Asian stingray (Dasyatis sephen) belongs to the large family of stingrays, whose habitat is found throughout the oceans of Asia.

It is related to sharks and is caught with nets in the rich eastern fishing grounds. Its back skin is characterised by an exceptional pearl pattern and fascinating features.

Skillful and elaborate processing produces one of the most remarkable leathers currently in existence. It is imbued with a beauty found in the depths of the ocean.

Distinction and Uniqueness

Galuchat uniquely combines properties that are usually mutually exclusive.

It has a soft and smooth feel, while being remarkably resilient and tear-resistant. Both waterproof and fireproof, it is considered to be the most durable leather in the world.

Moreover, it distinguishes itself through exclusive aesthetic qualities: Each stingray skin exhibits an individually distinct pearl mosaic and develops special colour nuances, some of which are derived from the anthracite grey spectrum while others elicit light olive green or ivory hues. Accordingly, the “Pen of the Year 2005” is available in two different coloured models, and each fountain pen has its own distinctive colour hue.


Highly prized in luxury production during the Art Déco era, stingray leather or Galuchat places great challenges on expert craftsmanship.

Following careful selection, the skin is subjected to an elaborate vat-tanning process. However, more than thirty additional individual working  steps are required to craft the Galuchat barrel of the “Pen of the Year 2005”.

Repeated careful buffing and finishing is the key to the distinctive visual appearance of each individual pen. Designed with attention to the smallest detail, the platinum-plated bridge represents a masterpiece in craftsmanship.

High Quality Presentation

The individually numbered writing instruments are presented in an exclusive wooden case and are accompanied by a beautifully designed booklet and a limited edition certificate.