Inspired by the colours of nature

Ink collection

The fountain pens in the Graf von Faber-Castell collection are precision writing implements and could be adversely affected if used with unsuitable ink.


Garnet Red

For a sensual writing experience: our brilliant ink in intensive Garnet Red.

Carbon Black - indelible

A handwritten thank you or greeting card is considered a special appreciation. Just as timeless as such a gesture: our ink in classic Carbon Black.

Stone Grey - indelible

Anything but pale: Stone Grey ink on white paper. A very classy connection!

Midnight Blue - indelible

As mystical as the night blue sky: Midnight Blue encourages us to rediscover the charm of our own handwriting.

Royal Blue - erasable

The light reflections in the glass flacon stage the pure brilliance of the ink, allowing the noble Royal Blue to shine in all its nuances.

Cobalt Blue - indelible

Simply heavenly: Cobalt Blue sets the tone.

Gulf blue - indelible

Blue magic: This brilliant ink tone inspires us to put down our thoughts and ideas with a beautiful fountain pen.

Turquoise - indelible

A jewel for every desk: Fresh turquoise ink in an elegant, finely fluted glass flacon.

Deep Sea Green - indelible

One of the most intense colours of the universe: Deep Sea Green resembles the shades of the oceans.

Viper Green - indelible

Green light for vibrant colours: Viper Green boosts our creativity.

Moss Green - indelible

Naturally beautiful: Soft Moss Green, inspired by nature's abundant colour spectrum, touches the senses.

Olive Green - indelible

A class of its own: gentle, earthy olive green provides a feelgood atmosphere.

Hazelnut Brown - indelible

Our free-flowing ink in warm Hazelnut Brown gives handwritten lines a particularly noble note.

Cognac Brown

Pure Elegance: Our ink in Cognac Brown blends perfectly with the precious woods of the Graf von Faber-Castell writing instruments.

Burned Orange

Developed with utmost craftsmanship, passion and precision, like all our inks: Burned Orange.

India Red - indelible

Racy in red – the traditional racing colour now takes a pole position and wins both men’s and women’s heart at full throttle.

Garnet Red - indelible

For a sensual writing experience: our brilliant ink in intensive Garnet Red.

Yozakura - cherry blossom

Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom festival: our pale pink ink in Yozakura.

Electric Pink

Ink in a rush of colour: Electric Pink proves its fascinating radiance and sends every female heart racing.

Violet Blue - indelible

Nostalgic flair: Violet Blue was the favourite colour of Ottilie von Faber. By her marriage to Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen in 1898, the new line of Counts von Faber-Castell came about.