German Design Award Winner 2018

Vikings - Pen of the Year 2017

The Pen of the Year 2017 has been recognised by the German Design Council with the German Design Award in the category “Luxury Goods”. The international expert jury, consisting of brand experts from different disciplines, praised the “outstanding design quality” of the exclusive, limited-edition fountain pen: the titanium version of the Pen of the Year 2017 has an anthracite-coloured PVD coating that gives it a particularly masculine appearance. Matte grey smoked oak – the wood of choice for the construction of Viking boats – creates a striking contrast to the high-gloss metal surface which changes colour as it is being used.

The German Design Award recognises innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers that are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. It was organised by the German Design Council, which was initiated by the German parliament in 1953 and founded by the Confederation of German Industry (BDI). Founded in 1953 as a foundation on the initiative of the German parliament, it supports the economy in achieving added brand value through design.

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Pen of the Year 2017 - Vikings

The Special Limited Edition with a tough anthracite-coloured PVD coating has a particularly masculine appeal. Matt-grey smoked oak – the preferred wood for building the Viking ships – stands in exciting contrast to the gleaming metal parts of fountain pen and roller-ball pen, which change their appearance with every movement. The cap is adorned by a grey shimmering smoky quartz.

  • Five thin slivers of matt-grey smoked oak are inserted with great
  • Individually numbered writing instruments
  • 18-carat gold nib with ruthenium plating, inscribed by hand
  • Available in the nib width M
  • Long–lasting black rollerball refill

High quality presentation

Each pen is a unique work of art and is individually numbered: the special edition is limited to 230 fountain pens and 70 rollerball pens. 

Each of these writing implements is presented in a brightly polished black wooden case. A certificate bearing the signature of Count Charles von Faber-Castell confirms that this is a limited edition.

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