The new desire for Calligraphy

The Art of Fine Writing

Do your fingertips tingle when you see beautiful writing instruments and rich coloured letters? If so, why not dive into the wonderful world of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is the art of fine writing and its modern variant, hand lettering, is the art of drawing letters. In this new writing pursuit beautiful scripts and block letters meet, often playful with fine lines and decorations – true to your own style.

Sensual shades

Fancy sweeps of colour? The fine selection of exclusive ink colours from Graf von Faber-Castell offers you a rich, natural colour spectrum. I personally adore finding the right colours for my thoughts.

One day, I’ll write quotes with colourful contrasts. The next I’ll choose more muted tones – whatever I’m in the mood for. Sensual shades from strong to elegant emphasise the charm of hand lettering.

Meditative break

This enjoyable writing and concentration on form is like a meditative break. Writing by hand is, in today’s digital world, a natural counter-movement, a tangible sense of nostalgia for personal expression.

Tamitio – the Calligraphy set

The Tamitio Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set gives you the option of using three different nib widths (1.1 mm, 1.4 mm and 1.8 mm). The oblique nibs of the Tamitio are based on the historical broad nib. Hold the nib straight, so that the entire nib width touches the paper.

Now slowly draw the first letter shapes. Give the ink enough time to leave its trace across the paper through the entire width of the nib. Combine words written with a broader nib width with lines using a narrow nib, creating exciting word contrasts.

Moments of quiet reflection

Enjoy moments of quiet reflection and the pleasures that mindful calligraphic writing or joyful hand lettering gives you. The key aspect, however, is your enjoyment of writing itself. The Tamitio by Graf von Faber-Castell will guide you.
Wishing you a magical writing experience!


Petra Wöhrmann
Lettering Artist


Petra Wöhrmann recommends

The combination of your own handwriting and calligraphic elements  become unique like  a fingerprint. 
Immerse yourself in the  wonderful world of  fine writing  with the range of exclusive Graf von Faber-Castell fountain-pens. 
*All inks are available in 18 beautiful colours