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For ideas that last - the Magnum series in walnut wood

The Graf von Faber-Castell Collection shows its profile - with a new edition in Magnum format
that promises one thing above all at first glance: writing comfort at the highest level.

With its dynamic silhouette, the Magnum series sets completely new visual accents. And yet,
even with this innovation, the Collection remains true to its core competence: the combination
of the finest natural materials and elaborate craftsmanship. The barrel of the writing instruments
is made of Caucasian walnut. The deep brown surface is as beautiful as it is timeless. The
natural differences in colour and structure of the wood make each writing instrument unique.

Contrasting accents to this special natural material, which radiates pure warmth, are set by the
platinum-plated metal parts of the front and end pieces and the solid, spring-loaded clip. The
elaborately crafted black cap inlay, which features the count's coat of arms, also bears witness
to meticulous, detailed craftsmanship.

The fountain pen is made for those special moments when you take time to write personal lines.
The 18-carat bicolour and magnum sized gold nib, which is manually inscribed, as well as the
practical cartridge converter system make it a sovereign companion in functional terms as well.
It is available in the six nib widths M, F, EF, B, OM and OB. Alternatively, the excellent gliding
rollerball pen, the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil are recommended for luxurious
writing comfort. All writing instruments of the Magnum series are presented in an elegant
wooden gift box.

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Pen of the Year 2021 – Knights

Every year since 2003, the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection has presented the Pen of the Year, a fountain pen made of particularly exquisite materials. As limited editions, each one tells of eras and peoples whose deeds have had a decisive influence on the development of mankind and its culture.

The fact that the Pen of the Year 2021 is now dedicated to the heroes of the Middle Ages is also related to the history of Faber-Castell itself. The company, which was founded exactly 260 years ago, owes its unmistakable identity to its noble name and centuries of tradition, in which the Counts and Lords of Castell defended knightly virtues such as bravery and care for their subjects. The symbol of this is the characteristic Faber-Castell motif with the two fighting knights who are wielding pencils instead of lances.

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Homage to a legend: Bentley "Limited Edition Barnato"

Fine writing instruments always have a story - and can tell inspiring stories themselves. The Bentley "Limited Edition Barnato" was inspired by a very special individual.

In the 1920’s and 30s, Woolf Barnato, caused a sensation on the race tracks of Europe as one of the original "Bentley Boys". He was the Managing Director of Bentley Motors from 1926-1931 and 3 time Le Mans winner. One of his legendary stories told throughout the years is that of the "Blue Train Race", in which he made a bet that he could reach London from Cannes in his Bentley Speed Six before the legendary “Train Bleu” travelled from Cannes to Calais. Of course, he was successful in winning the bet and beat the train with time to spare.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of this race, Graf von Faber-Castell and Bentley have created a truly unique series of writing instruments. The metal barrel is lacquered in the characteristic Barnato dark green colour and guilloched in the signature diamond pattern created by Bentley. The chrome-plated front and end sections also gleam in dark green. The cap is adorned with the Bentley B, Bentley style knurling and Woolf Barnato’s original, handwritten signature as a reminder of the extraordinary spirit that lives on at Bentley today. The exclusive collection, which is limited to 1,930 pieces in honour of the year of the "Blue Train Race", includes fountain pens, rollerball pens and twist ballpoint pens. All writing instruments are delivered in an exclusive Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley limited edition box.

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An elegant eye-catcher: Tamitio India Red

Writing pleasure with an individual touch: the Tamitio India Red presents the range’s classic minimalist design in a deep, vibrant red – a colour that has always stood for self-confidence, strength and positive energy. Whether you want to bring power and creativity into your home office or give your business look a personal touch, this elegant eye-catcher is the ideal companion in every situation. Thanks to their finely fluted, matt lacquered barrel, the writing instruments fit perfectly in the hand; highly polished front and end pieces provide brilliant accents. The range, which will be available from September 2020, includes a fountain pen with a high-quality, rhodium-plated stainless steel nib, rollerball pen, twist ballpoint pen and propelling pencil.

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Add a touch of luxury to your desk: Anello rose gold

Special occasions deserve a personal note – handwritten, of course. When writing Christmas cards to our friends and family, we gladly take a little more time to choose not only our words with care, but our writing instrument as well. The elegant Anello rose gold edition will become your new favourite. The fountain pen, ballpoint pen, twist ballpoint pen and twist pencil all feature black precious resin segments separated by fine rose gold rings, which is what gives this series its name: “anello” is Italian for “ring”. The cap, end piece and spring-loaded clip shimmer in 18-carat rose gold plating, creating a striking contrast with the deep black barrel. The transitions between the dark, shiny precious resin segments and the fine precious metal rings are barely noticeable – a perfect tactile combination that allows the pens to rest comfortably in the hand.
The sophisticated fountain pen, which is equipped with an 18-carat, hand-inscribed bicolour gold nib, provides a unique writing experience. It is available in six nib sizes and with a practical cartridge converter system. Thanks to its exquisitely smooth-running precision tip, the rollerball pen is a comfortable alternative for everyday writing. The propelling ballpoint pen with a large-capacity cartridge and the propelling pencil with a replaceable eraser under the end cap have become constant companions for jotting down spontaneous notes. Every model is delivered in a gift case made from dark brown wood.

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New favourite desk organisers: elephants in grey nubuck leather

Our new little elephants in nubuck leather will add eye-catching appeal to your desk or shelf, while holding clutter at bay. Inside are flexible compartments made of high-quality Italian wool that give you space for corralling pens, cards, notes and other small items. Each one is carefully crafted by hand at a small factory in Italy. As the wonderfully soft nubuck leather ages, it will take on an authentic patina, giving your elephant an even more delightful and unique look the longer you have it.

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